Odoo Accounting: What Can It Do For Your Business?

Are you still managing your accounts using single worksheets or notebooks? It’s already long gone. As your business grows, it becomes complex to fulfil all the functions of finance and calculations. While the decision to change your accounting software might seem like a big one in the first place, ERP systems like Odoo accounting are not complicated or time consuming at all. Odoo Accounting is a state-of-the-art accounting system that tracks your finances with utmost accuracy. It helps you fulfil all your accounting needs like payments and invoices, bank reconciliations, reports and much more from just one place.

Now the question is, how will your business be able to get all these benefits of Odoo accounting? To develop accounting ERP, you shall require to hire Odoo professionals. If you are a company searching for cost-effective ERP solution and looking to Odoo Developer in India , then Browseinfo can help. We are one of the leading teams of ERP consultants providing custom Odoo development and implementation services to businesses around the world. 

Why Odoo ERP for Accounting?

The out-of-box application Odoo ERP covers all the areas of the accounting process. The best part is the simplified process of using it and storing transactions in the ledger is simple to understand. The Odoo ERP accounting application easily integrates with other modules to gather data and allows accurate reporting with a variety of parameters.

It makes the overall accounting process more effective.

To integrate your company’s processes effectively, one needs a common approach of referring to each customer, for example, services, or document. This kind of standardization is provided by analytic accounts (or management accounts, as they are also called) in Odoo. These Odoo Analytic accounts are often implemented as a foundation for strategic enterprise decisions. Odoo’s analytic accounts can be a useful management tool at the centre of most system processes. It allows businesses to run ad-hoc reporting and in-depth data analysis for business efficiency, and it also helps in reducing the time consumption for business activities. In the end, the odoo analytics helps in a better understanding of clients, improved business processes and reduces risks.

Customization of Modules 

Odoo Accounting ERP also provides custom modules and also assists the companies in all related accounting processes. Odoo accounting module in ERP has its impact on various functions such as Invoicing, Bank reconciliation, Multi-language support, managing contact registers, etc.


  • Easy Invoicing
  • Manage Bills and Expenses at ease
  • Faster Payments
  • Dynamic statements
  • Bank Synchronization
  • Contact management
  • Customer reports
  • Multiple payment options
  • Automatic Bank Reconciliation propositions
  • Web-service API
  • Google spreadsheet integration
  • Easy Data import and export
  • Multi-currency and country-specific statements
  • Asset management and tax management

Want to know more about our Odoo ERP services? Browseinfo in Ahmedabad is one of the reputed companies in the areas of Odoo development and Customisation. Just send us an email, and we shall get back to you to discuss your requirements.

Amit Parik September 27, 2023
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