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Users' privacy is very important to Browseinfo. To the extent feasible, we want you to be able to manage your personal information. In most cases, you may access our site without exposing your identity or giving any personal information. As a consumer, you have a right to know what happens to your personal information. We may need personal information from you on rare occasions, such as your name and email address, to better serve you. Before we gather any personal information from you over the Internet, we want to tell you. For our purposes, we plan to collect, utilize, and preserve the information obtained.
We get data from several sources
Please be aware that we want to let you know how we plan to use any personal information you voluntarily disclose to us through the Internet, whether it's to interact with you, process a purchase, or offer you customized content and services. When a user visits our website, fills out a form, or uses any other service, we get personally identifiable information about them. A user's name, email address, postal address, and phone number are all examples of personally identifiable information willingly provided by the user.
Without Browseinfo express written consent, no part of this site's content may be duplicated, uploaded, communicated, posted, or otherwise distributed. Nothing in this document grants you any rights you don't already have as a reader. Copyright, trademark, and other laws may be violated, and criminal or civil fines may be levied if this site's contents are used without permission.
Browse info express Services can keep track of who is visiting the site and for how long. Browse info Services disclaims all liability for any harm or loss of data that may be caused to a user's computer system due to downloading information or content from the site. SCS has the discretion to modify or eliminate any component of the site, including, but not limited to, its features and content, at any time. The site's content was compiled using information gleaned from reputable sources.


Cookies enhance the user's experience. However, they may be rejected by the user in their web browser. When a person visits our website, cookies capture, and store information about them. Visitors to our site are tracked by the websites they come from, so we know where they came from. Data is analyzed for patterns and statistics, then thrown away after that. Web traffic data and web traffic analyses are not sold by us.


There are connections to other websites Browseinfo Services' website, such as its partners and affiliates. Despite our best efforts, we cannot be held responsible for the privacy policies or content of any websites linked to our site. Any links we provide in this article do not mean we endorse their content or are responsible for their views on privacy or other issues.

Sharing data

Your personal information will never be disclosed to a third party or sold, leased, or otherwise transferred to a third party. Your general demographics may be shared with our commercial partners and trusted affiliates to determine the number of visits and users.


Please allow us to give you the latest information about our goods and services and newsletters and surveys through third-party providers if you'd want to receive these communications. To run our company and website, we rely on third-party services that have access to your information.


If you don't want us to contact you in the future, you may do so at any time. Please let us know if you don't want us to use this information to contact you again in the future. Including your full name, address, and e-mail address is all that is required for us to respond.


Additionally, we have instructed our employees and associates worldwide to include information on the privacy practices wherever data is collected Browseinfo on the Services website, tailored to the specific purpose of that section of the site and reflecting the methods outlined here.