Odoo is expanding every day. The overall performance and user interface of Odoo have seen some significant modifications over the course of the last few editions. The entire system is expanding to a completely new level of sophistication and performance with the release of Odoo16.

What Has Changed in Odoo 16 Version?

Each Odoo version over the years has included a number of fresh and highly helpful features. Nothing has changed this time. Odoo 16 combines what we have grown to love with a peek into the future. Odoo's straightforward nature joins forces with the best ERP technological advancements, with the goal of providing us with amazing capabilities, to give us Odoo 16.

Odoo 16 Benefits:


In order to achieve maximum performance and popularity in its field of endeavor, Odoo is adding a few new features and has prioritized performance with version 16. Instead of just being an update from the previous version, the new version's main goal is to improve Odoo's performance. The latest version of Odoo, version 16, is the quickest, friendliest, and most advanced of its predecessors. Our team of knowledgeable Odoo developers is dedicated to offering customers the best business solutions and has experience with Odoo development

Greater User Experience:

With its overhaul of essential modules, Odoo version 16 is a unique and indispensable piece of software for every firm. It is anticipated that the Odoo 16 edition offers improved product management for the sales team and workforce management for the HR team. To meet the new standards, the sign and marketing modules have undergone extensive adjustments. So if you are looking for Odoo implementation services, then, Browseinfo provides complete Odoo open ERP implementation services for your businesses. 

This blog will give you an overview of the Odoo 16 new features:

Discuss App:

Discuss module is equipped with new features like push-to-talk and video background setting features. This will make the module more userfriendly and efficient to handle real-world business situations. Here are some features that are added to the latest version:

  • Video Call
  • Audio Call
  • Push to Talk
  • Video background Settings

Calendar App:

In the odoo V16 calendar module, the user interface has been changed. The position of creating and action buttons are changed. On the form new buttons, Preview and Unpublish are added. The edit button is removed. Now user can click on the field and edit or update. On the appointment form, under the question tab, the available answer option is given. So this way it is made more user friendly and convenient.

Google calendar and Outlook calendar links can be possible in the calendar module. Also, the user is empowered to create a link and share it with the client to do the booking an appointment. This way the module is super efficient and fast to match the business requirement.

Configure Online Appointment

  • The interference of the online appointment form is changed. Create & Action button location has been changed.
  • Preview & Unpublish button has been added on the form.
  • Edit button is removed. Users can directly click on the field and edit or enter the details.
  • Front end display is given for the users.
  • Users can directly create opportunities, CC To mail option & allowed countries features are given.
  • In questions, an available answer option is given.

Set Share Link:

  • Users can create links & share them with their clients for booking appointments.

  • Link your Outlook & Google Calendar:

Knowledge App:

  • Users can create knowledge sharing documents inside the odoo itself.
  • Users can create separate workspaces for documents as well for private documents also.
  • Users have the option of sharing the documents to their other employees also.
  • In chatter users will find a knowledge app option to always search the article on the same operation or to add certain notes on the same.

Sales App:

  • Subscriptions are combined with sales orders in Odoo V16 for simple management.
  • After setting the quantities in the Delivery Note, there is an option to reset the quantities by clicking on the clear quantities button.

  • Discount & loyalty is given in default by odoo.

Dashboard App:

  • In Odoo 16 dashboard app is completely revamped, now the user can see details of all modules in the dashboard app. So it is super convenient for users to track the activities of an organization.
  • New field and look of dashboard.

We can configure the dashboard as per the process.

Rental App:

  • In rental Report Analysis, there is an option for insert spreadsheet as a new feature.

From configuration users can directly create rental periods.

Discount & loyalty is given in default by odoo.

POS App:

  • User interface of POS changed over v15. When the session of POS is opened the UI is more user-friendly and convenient. 

    Also there is an option given to go to the backend in between the open sessions

  • On the point of sale session configuration the button setting is now renamed to edit.
  • Option of going backend in between of the running session.

  • When clicking on edit the POS configuration Wizard opens and it will show some options, if one wants to go to full configuration there is an option given for that.
  • Flexible taxes is a new feature given in POS. 
  • Flexible pricelist feature is there where multiple prices per product and discounts can be set here.

  • User QR code on the ticket is a new feature given where the user can print a QR code on the receipt which will allow the user to request an invoice for an order easily.

  • Coupons and Promotions are now unified and can be accessed from POS, eCommerce, and Sales.

  • E-wallet is included in the new version and that can be accessed through the product menu where the sub-menu of the Gift card and e-wallets would be there.

Purchase App:

  • Create a call for tender by adding alternative requests for quotations to different vendors. Make your choice by selecting the best combination of lead time, OTD and/or total amount. By comparing product lines you can also decide to order some products from one vendor and others from another vendor.

Accounting App:

  • Odoo accounting module is now considerably faster and more effective thanks to new tools and features that might be used in actual business situations. You can control the client credit limit more effectively right now thanks to the accounting module's credit limit feature.
  • Sale credit limit option is add i.e. Trigger alerts when creating Invoices and Sales Orders for Partners with a Total Receivable amount exceeding a limit.

Manufacturing App:

  • Production management is the focus of the module called Odoo Manufacturing. It enables you to keep track of adjustments made to your manufacturing procedure, such as placing orders for new supplies or establishing new production lines. This module supports complete customization and simple module integration thanks to its foundation on the dependable and potent Odoo framework from OpenERP.

  • In odoov16, there is a button added in MO from where users can directly see work order which includes the status, timesheet, allocated employee etc. entire information related to particular order.

Allocation Reports in MO.

  • In the Odoo Manufacturing module, in configuration, there is an option given for allocation report for manufacturing orders, from where manufacturing quantities can be allocated and viewed.

Allocation Reports in MO.

  • In the manufacturing module if the link is created at the time of the Sales order then customers can view the status of their manufacturing order from their portal.

TimeOff App:

  • Stress days are added so that no employee should take leave in that specific period when the company wants to meet the target of the projects.

    As per the project, the activities types can be created to assign the duties or alerts for completing the tasks.

Sign App:

  • Users can refuse to sign the documents.


To sum up, using and managing your business with Odoo version 16 will be simple. Odoo ensures that you produce the highest level of efficiency in business management through the addition of functionality and a new user interface.  

You've come to the right place if you're going to integrate Odoo 16 into your system but aren't sure how to go about it. BrowseInfo is here to help you with the complete change. 

Rahul Pandya September 28, 2023
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