Your Ideal Odoo Erp Customization Company That You Can Put Your Hand On

ERP solutions have become a part of modern businesses to manage overall business operations and workflows. There is a wide range of ERP software available to choose from, but finding an ERP that's a perfect fit for the company and getting it right the first time is difficult. ERP selection directly impacts the overall growth and profitability of the businesses. Additionally, it takes a lot of time, effort, and global resources investment, and also high implementation cost.

Choosing the right ERP from the available ERP software vendors is tricky. To avoid the complexity of selecting the right ERP system, here we have enlisted a couple of points that show how Odoo ERP is helpful in large enterprises to SMEs with varying needs of the business operation.

Let's read on why modern businesses give more value to Odoo Enterprise compared to other ERP solutions and how one professional Odoo ERP customization company helps transform the industry.

It provides the flexibility of hosting and server selection.

Odoo 13 is one of the most user-friendly and open source ERP that can be implemented on cloud (SAAS, i.e. you don't need to manage your servers), on-premises, i.e. execute odoo ERP on your local server/computer) and on (Odoo will exclusively handle the server for you based on your selected apps and user selection)

Nowadays, workplaces and flexible working are learning towards the cloud. Hence, using cloud hosting which is fully accessible through any web browser and available with the same responsive mobile UI, Android native app, and iOS native app availability is the best decision ever one business can make. Odoo ERP is known for ease of use, seamless navigation, full data entry, and hassle-free multi branch management support process.

Unique Modular platform

It is undoubtedly true if we say Odoo ERP is a hub of more than 8000+ unique modules. All the individual modules serve different jobs for businesses, and it can be selected as per the requirement and business workflow. For example, CRM, inventory, eCommerce, invoicing and accounting, email marketing, and marketing automation are some of the popular Odoo modules available.

One-stop solution

You name it, and Odoo has it- Odoo Enterprise platform delivers thousands of unique features under various modules supporting, managing, and evolving business operations effectively. Everything is available under one platform.

The typical features include

  • Sales,

  • Accounting,

  • CRM, email marketing,

  • Warehouse management,

  • Point of Sales,

  • Human resources management,

  • Manufacturing and usability

You can discuss and share your customization requirements with Odoo ERP Customization company to implement the same. In addition to such flexibility of customization, Odoo seamlessly integrates with existing business software as well. We at Browseinfo are involved in Odoo integration, implementation and customization services and also committed to providing a seamless ERP solution experience to our customers.

With robust technical features, Odoo has surpassed other platforms such as Shopify, Slack, Mailchimp, Trello etc. when it comes to user-friendliness. For more information on Odoo ERP and its implementation, connect with us online at

Your Ideal Odoo Erp Customization Company That You Can Put Your Hand On
Rahul Pandya September 28, 2023
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