How Odoo Open ERP Implementation can Optimize Sales for Hotels?

If you are a restaurant owner or into a hospitality business, it becomes a necessity now to have the right software solution that allows you and your team to manage your daily activity and data management efficiency.

When we use a word like hospital management, we involve below given exemplary services and tasks that one organization may have:

  • Overall Account and cash flow management
  • Catering enquiries and client Management
  • The club, resorts and room booking
  • Guest Management
  • Order Management
  • Kitchen inventory Management
  • Restaurant booking system with POS system
  • Human resource management
  • Web-based inventory management

Restaurant and Hotel Management in Odoo

In this competitive world, the market is developing and moving toward better and bigger ERP software that helps the hospitality industry increase the overall business and has proven to be great successes. Likewise, with technology advancement, it makes it much easier for hotel business owners to manage their overall process with a few clicks.

The open ERP solution such as Odoo ERP system comes to picture in these situations; Let’s have a look at the benefits of using a restaurant management module with the help of custom Odoo open ERP Implementation and Development.

Why does Odoo Open ERP implementation have an Advantage Over Other ERP Systems?

  • It’s a whole new generation of ERP Software with Open source facility.
  • Affordable and secure one-stop solution
  • The modular and user friendly structure allows us to use it according to custom business needs.
  • Response time is much faster.
  • Can be integrated with other 3rd party applications
  • Human Resource Management

With Custom Odoo Modules Now Manage Your Hotels and Restaurants Seamlessly

You can also create a custom module that can be integrated for your hotel business, such as:

  • Restaurant & bar Management with POS
  • Help Desk
  • CRM Management
  • Store Management
  • Health Club Management
  • Reservation Management
  • Reports
  • Customer Feedback
  • Event Management
  • Bill & Invoices
  • Laundry Management
  • Club Member Management
  • Account Management
  • Housekeeping Management

Odoo open ERP Implementation services now have a reputation and demand due to the number of benefits that it provides to the client globally. The feature abundant Odoo services make use of software to offer the best solutions at an affordable price. The Odoo ERP can be used for various verticals, including Health care to hotel management, from hospital care to education and much more.

Wrap Up

The Odoo open ERP Implementation software takes care of many business apps including CRM (Customer Relation Management), Sales, POS and order management (Point Of Sales), Project Management, Purchases Management, Event Management, Stock Inventory & Warehouse Management, Calendar, Social Network, Accounts and Finance, Recruitment Management, Human Resource Management, Fleet management and much more.

Odoo ERP makes Restaurant Management very easy. This will help to run the restaurant business smoothly so that you as an owner can focus more on growing the business rather than involving your time into your daily activity monitoring.

We at Browseinfo as a global Odoo ERP Company in developing, integrating and customizing odoo (OpenERP) to match the requirements of our clients. Reach us at

Amit Parik September 28, 2023
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