Learn about Odoo Tours & Travel Agency management Application System

Do you have Tours and Travels business and want to setup your whole system inside the odoo then this app will be the great choice for you. If you are in Service or Hospitality industry, this Odoo app is right match for your needs. When you have to many process and resources to handle whether its hotel or Hospital Management System in Odoo, you need proper system  to manage everything. 

By using this apps Customer can Book a Tour, customize his/her Tour according to his/her choice with insurance, generate itinerary of Tour.  You can also manage Different units of travel and hotel agency by our Odoo Multiple Branch/Unit(operation) Management .

Select customize package of tours also choose hotels from the different option. This apps also helps to manage Visa and Passport details of the customers.

Also able to create invoice from the tour booking, hotel booking etc.Also you don't need to worry about the commission of Agent, We will provide configurable setup for calculate commission for agent and once tour if booked for that specific agent, commission is also generated for that agent.

You can generate supplier invoice for the commission and pay commission amount via register payment.


1) Create own Custom Tour in Odoo

      This Module helps users to create Tour with details.

2) Manage Insurance policy and Type in Odoo

      This Module helps users to manage Insurance of different types in odoo.

2) Manage Transport and its details in Odoo

      This Module helps you to Manage Transport.

4) Manage Hotels and its Information in Odoo

      This Module helps you to Manage Hotels.

5) Passport and Visa booking in Odoo

      This Module also helps you for Passport and Visa booking.

6) Allow to generate PDF reports in Odoo

      Allow to generate pdf reports for tour itinerary,booking,creator and transport booking.

Tour Inquiry in Odoo

This is the view of tour inquiry for where customer can do inquiry about the tour in Odoo.

Tour Itinerary in Odoo

Tour Itinerary shows the details of the tour which is customized by the customer in Odoo.

Tour Itinerary Report in Odoo

Reports for Tour Itinerary can be generated in Odoo.

Sale Order and Invoice in Tour Booking in Odoo

Sale order gets created on clicking "Create Quotation" button from tour booking and on create invoice from that sale order,invoice will be appear on Tour Booking in Odoo.

Created Hotel Reservation from Tour Booking in Odoo

View of Hotel Reservation created from Toour Booking in Odoo.

Hotel Reservation Report in Odoo

Transport Booking from Tour Booking in Odoo

This is the view of Transport Information which contains the information about the transport created from Tour Booking in Odoo.

Visa Booking from Tour Booking in Odoo

This is the view of Visa Booking created from Tour Booking in Odoo.

Hotel Information in Odoo

This is the view that you will see in Hotel Information where you can give the Information in Details with the lucrative Images which is shown in figure below in Odoo.

Custom Tour Booking in Odoo

In custom tour, Customers can customize the tour as per their convenience in Odoo.

Insurance in Odoo

In Insurance part you can create the Insurance which you want to offer to the customers in Odoo.

Agent Commission in Odoo

In Agent Commission Invoice you can allocate a precise Commission Amount to the respected Agent.

Passport Booking in Odoo

This is the view, you will see once you are done with the Passport booking.

Administrator September 27, 2023
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