Odoo App for Advanced Email Composition with CC, BCC, and Reply-To Options

November 29, 2023 by
Odoo App for Advanced Email Composition with CC, BCC, and Reply-To Options
Yankit Gayakvad

Communication lies at the heart of every successful business, and in the digital age, emails play a pivotal role in fostering connections. Browseinfo introduces a revolutionary solution – the Advance Mail Composer Odoo App, designed to enhance your email correspondence with advanced CC, BCC, and Reply-To options. Let's explore the features that make this Odoo app a game-changer for effective and streamlined communication.

Email CC BCC & Reply To option Odoo

Advance Mail Composer Odoo App Features

Set Default CC & BCC for Email

In the hustle of daily business operations, setting default CC and BCC for emails becomes a breeze. Users can configure these settings in the general settings, ensuring consistent communication practices.

Set Default Reply-To for Email

Tailor your email responses with ease by setting default Reply-To addresses in the general settings. This feature allows users to streamline communication channels, making it efficient and personalized.

Send Mail to Customers with CC & BCC

With the Advance Mail Composer, users can send emails to customers with selected CC and BCC recipients. This functionality streamlines the process, saving time and ensuring that the right stakeholders are always in the loop.

Add Reply-To to the Mail

Customize your email correspondence by adding a specific Reply-To address. Users can select the desired Reply-To option in general settings, tailoring their communication strategy to suit the needs of each interaction.

Enable/Disable Default CC & BCC in Email

Flexibility is key. Users can enable or disable default CC and BCC settings under general settings, providing the freedom to adapt email communication based on specific requirements.

Enable/Disable Default CC & BCC in Email

Enable/Disable Default Reply-To in Email

Take control of your email replies by enabling or disabling default Reply-To settings in the general configuration. This empowers users to customize their communication approach for various scenarios.

EnableDisable Default Reply-To in Email

Email Wizard

The Email Wizard feature allows users to view selected CC, BCC, and Reply-To options. When the 'enable CC, BCC, and Reply-To' option is checked in general settings, this wizard ensures that users have a comprehensive overview before sending emails.

Email Wizard for Invoice

Extend the functionality to invoice-related communications. The Email Wizard for Invoice feature allows users to review selected CC, BCC, and Reply-To options specifically for invoices, ensuring precision in financial correspondence.

Email Wizard for Invoice - Odoo App

Browseinfo's Advance Mail Composer - Email CC BCC Odoo App is more than just an app; it's a strategic tool for businesses seeking efficient and personalized email communication. Elevate your correspondence to new heights with advanced CC, BCC, and Reply-To options that empower you to tailor your emails to your audience. Streamline your communication processes and unlock new possibilities with Browseinfo – where innovation meets seamless functionality. Try our Odoo app today and revolutionize the way you communicate!

Odoo App for Advanced Email Composition with CC, BCC, and Reply-To Options
Yankit Gayakvad November 29, 2023
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