Odoo CRM Module and Why Your Small Business Needs It Badly?

We agree running a business is not an easy job. If you are a small business owner, you have a long list of daily tasks to achieve. From taking care of your employees and customers to managing your inventory, it all becomes a hassle and increases the chances of risks and mistakes.

To take care of your long list of daily tasks, we would like to introduce you to Odoo. Odoo ERP alleviates your business process by managing, organizing, and facilitating your day-to-day business activities. Not only this, but Odoo services are so easy to avail that integration and maintenance becomes as smooth as butter.

Odoo ERP has a module for every business. It literally takes care of all your business needs under a single roof. To begin with, let’s talk about Odoo CRM. Odoo CRM module is a boon for SMEs. It has all the features, from basic to advanced, that any small business would need to take their business up in the graph scale.

Odoo ERP helps you achieve your goals regardless of how your business flows. It is an adaptable, easy-to-use, one size fits all kind of platform. Odoo CRM is integrated with other modules like sales and inventory making lead management and customer satisfaction more systematic and effortless.

One of the best features of Odoo CRM is “Pipeline”. In simple words, pipeline is a term that is used to track the progress of a long-term goal with a discrete-stage approach.

  • You can create stages according to your business needs.

  • You can easily drag and move opportunities from one stage to another.

  • Not only this, but you can also fold your “not so used” stages in the pipeline itself.

  • You can also add, delete or edit leads directly from the pipeline.

It is like having a place for everything and having everything in its place.

Well, now that we know how smoothly we can manage our leads/opportunities in Odoo CRM, let’s move ahead and create a lead using the Odoo CRM module. CRM configuration includes settings that allow you to open more advanced possibilities. To create and receive leads, activate leads.

Go to Configuration > Settings > Activate Leads

Once you activate the leads settings, a new menu called "Leads" will pop up in the menu bar. It will show all your leads - created manually or received automatically via different mediums. You can also customize the form view according to your needs.

From here, you can create leads manually. It allows you to add all the necessary information. Not only that, but it also allows you to assign a particular lead to a particular sales team and also a particular salesperson. Furthermore, Odoo CRM uses Predictive Lead Scoring based on all of your past data to calculate the probability that the lead will be won.

Once you add all the information, you can easily convert the lead into an opportunity by clicking on “Convert to Opportunity”. On clicking the button a small wizard will pop up that will allow you to make more advanced changes to your lead. By adding such custom and advanced filters, Odoo CRM allows you to beat the clutter more systematically. You can keep track of your opportunity and its stage development from your CRM pipeline.

As mentioned earlier, Odoo CRM module is integrated with Sales and Inventory modules. This integration lets you create quotations and sales orders directly from the CRM module. You can also use
Odoo development to integrate other such Odoo modules and make your own amalgamation of Odoo.

Once your lead is converted into an opportunity, you can create new quotations and send the customer via mail. You can add both your products and services to your quotations (you can create more than one quotation for a single lead).

Once you confirm your quotation, a sales order is generated

As mentioned earlier, you can also assign a designated sales team to your opportunities. To do so, go to Configuration > Sales Teams and click on “Create”.

You can create a sales team according to your business needs. The sales teams form allows you to add team members to your sales team and also lets you choose where you want your leads to land. Not only this, but it also gives you an option to add a custom domain that makes lead management less cumbersome and easier.

Odoo CRM has made managing thousands of leads and opportunities less cumbersome. As Odoo CRM is integrated with multiple other modules, it opens up a wide range of possibilities for any new-born or small business to adapt and incorporate their custom requirements and business processes.

Odoo is a friendly and intelligent ERP. You can mould your database as per your preferences with the help of Odoo development. It is kind of a “do-it-yourself software”. And, let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want customised software, right?

Odoo not just helps you with business management but also with business development. Unlike other ERPs, Odoo services are easy to avail. We at browseinfo try our best to make Odoo integration easy for you. We are here at every step of your project - from consultation to support. So, do not hesitate to contact us for consultation or project queries, we are always available at your service.

Odoo CRM Module and Why Your Small Business Needs It Badly?
Rahul Pandya September 28, 2023
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