Activity Deadline Reminder

Activity Deadline Reminder Alarm Odoo App helps users to set reminders in schedule activity action. Based on the due date reminder pop up notification will be shown to the assigned user of activity.Users can create activity reminder alarms from technical settings, users can set alarm name, alarm time and alarm type from the settings. Users can set alarm type as popup and email.Based on this setup reminder sent to the activity users either via email or as system notifications.


1) Set Activity Reminder Alarm

User can set activity reminder alarm from technical settings.

2) Set Reminder Alarm in Schedule Activity

User can set deadline reminder alarm in schedule activity.

3) Popup Type Reminder

User can set reminder type as a popup.

4) Email Type Reminder

User can set reminder type as an email.

Activity Reminder Alarm Menu

Under Settings > Technical > Activity Reminder Alarm menu you have to click on that for set activity reminder alarm.

You have to create reminder in that set name, reminder type and time.

Set Schedule Activity

You can click on schedule activity in that select created reminder and reminder date time.

Created Schedule Activity

Email Reminder Alarm

You can see email reminder alarm in that you can click on task link.

Popup Reminder Alarm

You can see popup reminder alarm in that button for activity and task.

Vrajesh Soni May 14, 2024
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