Automatic Bank Synchronization | Auto Plaid Integration

Automatic Plaid Synchronization Odoo App helps users to bank synchronization via Plaid. User needs to configure Plaid integration with a given client ID, secret key, and selection of an environment. User needs to create an account via Plaid and link odoo to Plaid by using its credentials. Also, users can easily get plaid transactions as per the selection of plaid accounts, bank journals, and date ranges in Odoo.


1) Configure Plaid Integration

User can set client id, secret key and select an environment for plaid integration.

2) Automatic Plaid Synchronization

Automatic synchronization of their bank statements to feeds bank directly in odoo.

3) Set Date Range of Plaid Transactions

User can set start and end date to view specific bank transactions via plaid.

4) Get Plaid Transactions

User can get the bank transactions which has been done via plaid.

Plaid Integration Configuration

Goto Invoicing -> Configuration -> Settings in that set client id, secret key and select an environment for plaid integration.

Sync Via Plaid Menu

User can create a bank to sync via plaid.

Connect Via Plaid Button

In plaid bank form, User can click on 'CONNECT VIA PLAID' button.

Select Your Bank

User can get the list of bank then select the bank(associated with journal).

Enter Your Credentials

User can enter login details and user will be connected to plaid then select the bank account to get the transactions.

Linked Selected Bank Accounts

User can see the selected bank accounts are linked into the bank.

Synchronized Bank Statements Via Plaid

Vrajesh Soni June 4, 2024
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