Automatic Invoice from Delivery Order

Automatic Invoice from Delivery Odoo apps automatically create invoice from Delivery order when products are delivered. This module also comes with multiple configuration options i.e Auto Validate invoice from Picking, Auto send invoice by Email when Delivery is Done. Whenever Delivery order is done this module creates customer invoice automatically same as sales order product price with delivered quantity. If you activate the auto validate option then when delivery gets done it automatically creates a customer invoice and validates it automatically. Same for send by email option, If you activate the Send by Email option then when delivery/shipment gets done it automatically creates a customer invoice and Send it same as send by email function. Users can have options to activate both options together and in this case when delivery will become done it will create an invoice , validate it and send it to the customer.


1) Auto Create Invoice.

Automatically create invoice from picking when picking(Shipment/Delivery) get done.

2) Easy to Manage Invoice.

User can easily manage customer invoice directly from delivery or picking order.

3) Auto Validate Invoice.

On validating picking order invoice will created and validated automatically.

4) Auto Send Invoice Email.

Automatic send invoice email to customer on picking validation.

Configuration for Auto Invoice Validate

Under Invoicing > Configuration > Settings enable "Auto Validate Invoice" and "Auto Send Mail Invoice" to auto validate and send invoice by email to user.

Creation of Customer Invoice.

After confirming the sale order delivery order will created.

Delivery Order

After validating delivery order invoice will automatically created for delivered quantity of the product.

Customer Invoice

User can see invoice is validated automatically and sent message is linked with chatter which is sent to customer.

Customer will get auto invoice email on delivery validation.

Vrajesh Soni April 30, 2024
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