Dynamic Product Label Print in odoo

Dynamic Product Label Print Odoo apps provide features which will make barcode and label printing easier. With this odoo module you can Print product barcode with different size(In px) along with logo and currency. Barcode and label printing for product item can very useful and effecitve with this app Dynamic Product Label Print module also used to generate dynamic product label for different product template and product variants in Odoo.


1) Generate Dynamic Product Label.

You can generate dynamic product label for different product.

2) Different Size(In px) of label and barcode.

You can define size(In px) of label and barcode as per your need.

3) Set Product fields and Sequences.

You can select and set fields sequence that you wants to print on product label.

4) Support Spanish Translation.

If there is need of spanish translation then this module also support spanish language translation.

Dynamic Product Label Template

You can create dynamic product label template and set default value for dynamic product label generate wizard, here you can set default lines for label print.

Logo:- You can set image/logo to display on barcode label

Label:- From here you can set quantity of barcode label.Ex. If 2 product is selected for barcode label and quantity is 4 then it generate total 8 barcode label.

Currency:- You can set currency as per requirement and also adjust currency symbol position as "After" or "Before" based on requirement.

Barcode:- You can also set barcode height and width of product as per your requirement.

Template Type:- You can select template type as a "Product Template" or "Product Variant".

Product Field :- You can select product fields with their size(In px).

Figure shows the path for print dynamic product label.

Dynamic Product Label Form View

After click on Dynamic Product Label button, One form will open with default selected values from configuration.

Dynamic Product Label

Figure shows the generated multiple dynamic product label.

Vrajesh Soni April 30, 2024
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