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Product Custom Catalog Odoo App the ultimate solution to simplify the creation of product catalogs for businesses of all sizes. In the modern marketplace, product catalogs play a pivotal role in capturing the attention of prospective customers, elevating sales figures, and promoting overall business expansion. With the capabilities of the Generate Product Catalog app, crafting remarkable catalogs has never been more effortless.

With this app, which is intended to speed up the catalog development process, you can show your products in an entirely new manner. Create eye-catching catalogs that showcase a variety of products that appeal to your target market with just a few clicks. This app gives you the chance to select particular products or entire product categories, ensuring that your catalog perfectly fits your company's goals.

Product catalog app to reflect the precise style and content that you desired. choose from a range of styles to match the design of your business, and then modify the text to fit your particular requirements. Whether to include prices, links, descriptions, and internal codes that are all intended to present your products in the most ordering way.


1) Product Catalog User Access

The authorized user can only print the product catalog.

2) Print Catalog for Product or Product Category

Print catalog for selected products and product categories.

3) Print Product Description, Link and Reference on Catalog

Print product description, product link, and internal reference on the product catalog.

4) Print Product Image in Small, Medium and Large Size on Catalog

User can print image on the product catalog in different sizes like, small, medium, and large.

5) Print Product Price in selected Currency and Pricelist

User can print product price in selected currency and pricelist.

6) Different Attractive Catalog Style

User have option to print product catalog in different five attractive styles.

Product Catalog User Access

Users with "Manager" access rights can both generate and view the product catalog, while users with "User" access rights can only view the catalog.

Product Catalog Menu

User can see the "Product Catalog" menu as seen below image.

Generate Product Catalog

On clicking the menu user can see a new wizard will popup, user can generate a product catalog for single or multiple products, or product categories, user can select the "Style" for the catalog, and enable "Description, Product Link, Internal Reference, and Image" option to print in the product catalog, user also can select the image size. Users can select the "Currency and Pricelist" option to print on the product catalog.

Product Catalog Style 1

Product Catalog Style 2

Product Catalog Style 3

Product Catalog Style 4

Vrajesh Soni May 21, 2024
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