Odoo Login With Microsoft Azure SSO

Microsoft Azure SSO Integration Odoo app helps users to integrate Microsoft Azure with Odoo. Users can login into Odoo using a microsoft account using this microsoft sso integration odoo app. Using this feature microsoft users don't require to create complete users in odoo and using microsoft account they can login directly on Odoo. Whenever a new user logged in user/contact/partners is created with microsoft account details.


1) Microsoft - Odoo SSO Integration

Microsoft azure SSO integration with odoo.

2) Create User in Backend from Microsoft Account

On login with microsoft account new portal user will created.

3) Sign Up to Odoo with Microsoft Account

User can sign up with microsoft account details to odoo.

4) Sign In to Odoo with Microsoft Account

User can sign in with microsoft account details to odoo.

Microsoft Azure Configuration

Create Application

User need to create and register application on microsoft azure portal under "Azure Active Directory".

Under "App Registration" section user can create application by clicking plus icon or "Add Application Registration" menu.

User have to enter application name, select supported account type, and enter "Redirect URL" as "http://yourdomain/microsoft_sso_integration/microsoft", For example http://localhost:8024/microsoft_sso_integration/microsoft and click "Register" button.

User can see created application.

Application ID & Client Credentials

Under "Overview" section of application user can see "Application ID" and "Client credentials.

User also need to provide "API permissions" to application.

OAuth Providers Configuration

Activate "Developer Mode" and navigate to Settings > Users & Companies > OAuth Providers menu.

User can see "Microsoft OAuth2" in provider list.

User usser need to add "Client ID" and "Client Secret Key" of Microsoft Azure application and, also enter "Scope" as "User.ReadWrite.All User.ReadWrite User.ReadBasic.All User.Read.All", and "Data URL" as "http://graph.microsoft.com".

Login with Microsoft

On odoo login screen user can see "Login with Microsoft" option.

On clicking "Login with Microsoft button on login page user will redirect to microsoft account login page.

Logged In in User with Microsoft Account

User can see logged in user with microsoft account.

Created User with Microsoft Account

User can see created user in odoo backend with microsoft account details.

Vrajesh Soni May 16, 2024
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