Print product Serial Number label from Picking in Odoo

This Odoo apps helps to print product serial number label from stock picking either its stock receipt(incoming shipment) or delivery order. This Odoo modules prints same quantity number of serial number or lot number label as order quantity or stock picking quantity.


1) Print Product Label Tracking As Serial Number

Print product label for configure product tracking is unique serial number.

2) Multiple Serial Number & Multiple Product Label

User can set multiple serial number to product then print multiple product label in PDF format.

Configure Product Serial Number

You can configure Product, Goto Sale > Product > Inventory > Tracking.

Lot/Serial Number Details

Here you can add Lot/Serial Number Details for product.

Print Label

Click on Print Label button to print product's serial number label.

Product Serial Number Label

Vrajesh Soni May 1, 2024
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