Purchase Order Receipt by Date Odoo App

This odoo app helps users to manage purchase order receipt by different date. Users can set different receipt date for each product on the purchase order line and also different receipt/shipment will be created for all products having the same receipt date. In simple words it helps to manage receipts with different dates for different products. 

Purchase order Receipt By Date Odoo Apps helps to manage expected receipt date of product on purchase order line. This receipt date will be also set on stock move/operation, While confirming purchase order it will also generate different receipts based on a receipt date from the purchase order line.


1) Add Different Purchase Receipt Date

User can add different purchase receipt date for different product on purchase order line.

2) Generate Receipt Based on Receipt Date

Multiple purchase receipt will generated based on selected receipt date on purchase order.

Add Purchase Receipt Date

On purchase order line user can select different "Receipt Date" for different product, User can confirm purchase order.

On confirming purchase order user can see generated receipt on purchase order.

Purchase Receipt Based on Receipt Date

User can see generated different purchase receipt with all product having same receipt date.

User can see created all different purchase receipt based on receipt date, user can see receipt date added on receipt and receipt line.

Vrajesh Soni May 15, 2024
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