Recurring Subscription for Products

Product Subscription Management Odoo App helps to create product subscription manually. Users can create interval sessions like day, week, month and year. Users can make subscription products and select interval sessions. After product subscription is created, User can change state also for that click on the play/pause button. When product subscription state is 'In Progress' then sales quotation generated and subscription mail sent to the customer.


1) Configure Renewal Reminder Days

User can set reminder days for send mail before next delivery date.

2) Manually Create Product Subscription

User can create product subscription manually.

3) Create Product Interval

Create interval session from product interval menu.

4) Generate Subscription Mail

Subscription mail send to the customer after creating product subscription.

Configure Renewal Reminder Days

Sales -> Configuration -> Settings under subscription reminder you can set subscription renewal reminder days.

Create Product Interval

Sales -> Configuration -> Product Interval menu in that you can create interval session.

Make Subscription Product

You can tick can be subscribed checkbox so cyclic order tab shown then select interval sessions for the product.

Create Cyclic Order

Under cyclic orders menu you can create product subscription in that click on add a line button so create subscription line popup will be display.

Create Subscription Line

Created Product Subscription

You can see created product subscription, If you want to change state then click on play button.

You can see product subscription state changed, When product subscription state is 'In Progress' then sales quotation generated and subscription mail send to the customer.

Generated Sales Quotation

You can see sales quotation generated from product subscription.

Generate Subscription Mail

After created product subscription customer get subscription mail.

Vrajesh Soni May 16, 2024
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