Stock Age Breakdown Report Odoo App

Stock Ageing Break down Report odoo apps helps warehouse user to generate and print product Inventory Age reports in excel format, which included warehouse's total stock of products and aging quantity of products ,total inventory value with aging period .This app also provide filter by company, product and product category on wizard to apply filter on reports and print it on excel format.
After installing this odoo module user can generate and print Inventory Age Breakdown reports XLS, where user can see old aging stock with its stock value and its also print total product stock with stock product valuation of it.


1) Stock Age Breakdown XLS Report

User find age breakdown for stock quantity and stock value.

2) Different Filters for Age Breakdown Report

User can use different filters like product and product category, and company for age breakdown report.

Stock Age Breakdown Report Menu

Under Inventory > Reporting menu user can see "Stock Age Breakdown Report" menu.

On clicking menu new wizard will open User can apply different filters like product categories, products and company.

Stock Age Breakdown Excel Report

On clicking "EXCEL REPORT" button user can see generated age breakdown excel report as bellow image.

Vrajesh Soni May 17, 2024
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