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Vendor Evaluation Odoo App provides users in making informed decisions when selecting vendors. With this app, users can create vendor evaluations within defined review periods, improving the process. This odoo app facilitates the calculation of a final evaluation score with a single click, promoting efficiency and accuracy. Managers apply the authority to approve or reject evaluation requests, maintaining control over the vendor selection process. For example, the last evaluation of a vendor is noticeably displayed in the vendor form, offering quick access to crucial information. Additionally, the seamless integration allows the last evaluation to be visible in RFQs and purchase orders, providing a comprehensive overview. The managerial capabilities extend to generating new evaluations and canceling current ones, ensuring flexibility in the assessment process. With features like canceling and resetting vendor evaluation requests to draft, managers have the access they need to manage evaluations effect and optimize vendor relationships.


1) Create Vendor Evaluation

User can create evaluation of vendor within specific review period.

2) Calculate Evaluation Report

User can easily calculate final score of vendor evaluation with single click.

3) Approved/Reject Vendor Evaluation Request

Manage have access to approved or reject the request of vendor evaluation.

4) Generate New Evaluation

User can generate new evaluation from vendor form and cancel current one.

5) Vendor Evaluation in RFQ/Purchase Order

User can view last updated vendor evaluation in request for quotation or purchase order.

6) Cancel and Reset to Draft Vendor Evaluation

Manager can cancel and reset to draft vendor evaluation request.

Vendor Evaluation Menu

Goto Purchase -> Vendor Evaluation -> Evaluate Vendor menu in that user can create evaluation of vendor.

Create Vendor Evaluation

User can choose the vendor for evaluation then select review period, manager, business title and evaluate vendor then click on "Calculate" button to overall calculation of vendor evaluation.

Request Approval for Evaluate Vendor

User can view evaluation report of vendor and also enter final comment for evaluation.

User can click on "Request Approval" button to approve vendor evaluation by manager.

Approve Vendor Evaluation by Manager

Manager can view vendor evaluation then click on "APPROVED" button to approved evaluation request of vendor.

Approved Vendor Evaluation by Manager

Display Vendor Evaluation in RFQ/Purchase Order

Once approved final score of evaluation by manager, User can view vendor evaluation in request of quotation or purchase order.

Cancelled Vendor Evaluation by Manager

Manager can cancel and reset to draft vendor evaluation request.

Vrajesh Soni June 6, 2024
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