Warehouse Overstock Analysis Reports

Inventory Overstock Analysis/PDF/Excel Reports odoo app helps users to generate product overstock reports for each warehouse .This reports helps to identify incoming, outgoing and current stock, overstock value, overstock quantity, turnover ratio fast moving, slow moving and non moving product from warehouse. Users can print warehouse overstock reports using different filters such as date, product and product category, company and warehouse and easy to view overstock analysis report, graph view and also can print reports in excel format.


1) Warehouse Overstock Analysis Report

User can check turnover ration, current, incoming and outgoing stock, with FSN classification for warehouse.

2) Warehouse Overstock Analysis XLS Report

User can also print warehouse overstock analysis report in XLS format.

3) Different Filters for OverStock Report

User can use different filters like date, product and product category, company and warehouse for overStock report.

4) Different Stock Values in Report

User can see different stock values like incoming, outgoing, current and virtual stock quantity,demanded qty, overstock qty, fsn classification and many more.

Warehouse Overstock Analysis Report Menu

Under Inventory > Reporting menu user can see "Warehouse Overstock Analysis Report" menu.

On clicking menu new wizard will open User can apply different filters like start date, end date, product categories and products and company and warehouse.

Warehouse Overstock Analysis Excel Report

On clicking the "EXCEL" button user can see generated overStock excel report as below image.

Warehouse Overstock Analysis Report

On clicking "DATA" button user can see overStock analysis report.

Warehouse Overstock Analysis Graph Report

On clicking "GRAPH" button user can see graph view for warehouse overStock analysis.

Vrajesh Soni May 21, 2024
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