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This Odoo apps helps to provide different options to user to make payment for the website/eCommerce Order. Like user can pick and pay any product from shop, pay online and pick from shop and few more options. This odoo modules provide different options for website users to choose and select it at the time of webshop payment page. But you need to allow those payment options from Website Admin configuration and only allow payment option will be visible on the odoo website-eCommerce shop.


1) Pickup & Pay at Store.

Allows user to complete payment at time of product picking from the shop.

2) Pay Now and Get Delivery.

User can make online payment and at time of checkout, user will be asked to provide shipping address. After successful payment, user will get item delivered to that address.

3) Pickup at Store but Pay Now.

User can make online payment. After completion of payment, payment slip will be generated and user can pick products from shop by showing that payment slip.

4) Pay on Delivery.

User have to provide its details and the product will be delivered to mentioned address. After that user has to pay the amount to the delivery guy.

Website Checkout Configuration

Below is configuration that shows how to allow payment options in website.

Website Checkout Option

In checkout page, various options to complete payment are as shown bellow.

Option : Pickup and Pay at Store

This option allows user to complete payment at time of product picking from the shop.

In backend order "Checkout Option" and "Pickup Person" are added.

Vrajesh Soni May 3, 2024
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