Learn How to Import Chart Of Account Using Excel Or CSV file in Odoo

Data Importation in Any ERP System is Important, with Odoo Import Bridge  All types of Data import can via XlS/XLSX files in Odoo.  Do you want to import a complete chart of account using excel or csv? Using this app you can easily import Odoo chart of account from csv or excel file. You have to only maintain file format same as sample file we shown and its ready to Import COA from CSV or Excel file.


1) Import bulk of Account

      User can import bulk of chart of account on a single click.

2) Support XLS/XLSX files format

       User can import chart of account through XLS/XLSX file.

3) Support CSV files format

      User can import chart of account through CSV file.

4) Multiple Warnings

     Easy warnings when import fail due to unavailable or invalid data.

Sample File

Import Charts of Account menu in Odoo

Select CSV/XLS or XLSX files from the wizard Import Chart of Accounts in Odoo

Imported Chart of Account in Odoo

Administrator September 27, 2023
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