Why To Hire: Dedicated Odoo Developers VS Freelance Developers?

September 28, 2023 by
Why To Hire: Dedicated Odoo Developers VS Freelance Developers?
Rahul Pandya

While working or developing a complex development project such as Odoo ERP system, it is not recommended to change developers. 

We at Browseinfo with full-time engagement in Odoo development services provide an assigned developer to complete the task with quality and speed. We also set a different phase where the company or the customer has a secure bond between the developers, likewise NDA(Non-Disclosure Agreement), which gives both a niche to understand and share ideas between them. 

We use professional project management tools to manage and assign the task to get a high-end product. 

Benefits of a Dedicated Odoo Development Team Model

Here are some benefits of hiring a dedicated Odoo team developer or development team from a top-notch Odoo ERP development company in India.

  • Expertise 

  • Experienced Development Team/Resources

  • Security

  • Quality & Commitment

  • Availability

  • Communication

  • Cost-effective Pricing model

  • Dedicated Maintenance & Support

Hire dedicated Odoo developers or development teams from a company like us, you get a quality product with fulfilling the deadlines, but in case of a freelance developer or freelancers, the condition will be different. It may delay the task, or the quality may not meet up to your expectations.

The availability of freelancers is always uncertain besides what’s on the contract, causing delayed updates to clients.

The success rate of a professional Odoo Integration and implementation company is always higher than freelancers. We provide you with skilled and experienced odoo ERP consultants who will work on your project. In case if you are not happy with the existing odoo developer or you want to add another member with a diversified skill-set, our support team can help you in both the situations. However, in case of the freelancers, you have a long way to search for another developer which will cause you uncertain delay and burn a hole in your pocket.


At first, the cheap development service rates offered by the freelancers seem to be eye-candy to you but working with the top-notch, experienced Odoo development company can add value to your ERP development project. Connect with our team today. We are just an email away.

Why To Hire: Dedicated Odoo Developers VS Freelance Developers?
Rahul Pandya September 28, 2023
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