Assets Management Odoo

Account Assets management Odoo apps deprecated in Odoo Version since 12.0 on Community Edition, This feature available on earlier version of odoo until Odoov11. We have developed same feature of Odoo apps as it was providing in its earlier version.
The Account Asset Management app in Odoo allows you to create Assets. Assets type, Generate depreciation entries, Modify depreciation, get depreciation Information, sell or dispose assets on your company. Accounting Asset management of the company is intended to manage the transactions of its assets(products) from various locations to other locations.


1) Manage Assets of the company

Users can manage Assets of the company with its gross value, residual value, salvage value etc.

2) Assets Analysis

User can see graph view and pivot view to analyze assets value.

3) Defining Asset Types

User can define type of assets and assign that type to particular assets.

4) Assets Depreciation Information

User can see logs of depreciation for assets.

Asset Types Menu

You can find Asset Types Menu On Invoicing > Configuration > Asset Types

Assets Menu

On Invoicing > accounting > Asset Menu you can create Assets.

Assets Depreciation or Sell

When you click on Sell or Dispose button you can see that jounal entry for that assets is created.

Assets Pivot view

Assets Management Odoo
Rahul Pandya May 1, 2024
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