Auto Credit Note from Return Delivery/Products

Product Return with Credit Note odoo app helps users to return delivery orders for selected products along with customer credit notes and invoice refund. Users can return delivery orders for products  and create and link draft customer credit notes with created return goods picking. User are able to choose a refund journal while processing the return products which generates the draft credit note for return goods.


1) Return Delivery Order with Invoice

Return delivery order with invoice for product.

2) Create and Link Credit Note for Invoice

Customer created note created and linked with incoming shipment for invoice.

Return Delivery Order

User can return delivery order by clicking "RETURN" button.

Return with Credit Note

On return wizard user can see "RETURN WITH CREDIT NOTE" button, by clicking this button user can return delivery order for selected product for validated invoice of order.

On wizard user can enter return reason, refund date, and specific journal to create credit note either it will be created with journal of invoice and click "REVERSE" button.

Return Transfer

User can see created return transfer and linked customer credit note for delivery order.

Customer Credit Note

User can see created draft customer credit note for customer invoice of returned delivery order.

Vrajesh Soni May 15, 2024
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