Due Date Reminder for Sale

Due Date Reminder for Sale Delivery The Odoo app benefits businesses to stay on top of their sales operations. This Odoo application automates the reminder process, allows businesses to manage sales orders, and reduces the probability of late or missed deliveries. Users can easily configure the number of days before the due date to send reminders, enhancing flexibility. Also, this sale reminder app enables same-day reminders, ensuring timely notifications. These reminders include essential details such as order numbers, order amounts, and due dates, empowering businesses to stay organized and meet their commitments smoothly.


1) Set Due dates on Sales Order

User can set due date on sales orders.

2) Due Date Reminder Email

User will get email notifications before the due date and on the due date.

Sale Due Date Reminder Configuration

User Sales > Configuration > Settings menu user need to configure days to send due date reminder notification.

Set Sale Due Date

User need to set a due date for each sale order.

Due Date Automated Action

User can see due date reminder automated action.

Before Due Date Reminder

User will get an email reminder on the due date.

Due Date Reminder

User will get email reminder on due date.

Vrajesh Soni May 24, 2024
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