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Lost Messages Routing Odoo App allows improvement of the email attachment process to relevant documents. In cases where automatic attachment is unavailable, this odoo app enables users to manually configure routes to direct lost messages to the appropriate documents. If an email cannot be attached, it is defined as lost and can be viewed through the Lost Messages view. This manual routing feature ensures efficient communication within the odoo platform and effortless integration of emails with the corresponding documents.


1) Lost Messages Access Rights

User have to give an admin rights for lost message.

2) Route Lost Messages

User can route the lost messages in proper documents.

Lost Messages Admin Access Rights

When user enable "Lost Messages Admin" then that user will be able to have access to loss message manager.

Lost Message Configuration to Show Models and Users

User have to select the models and users for lost messages configuration.

Lost Message Form View

User can view the lost messages which are not managed by Odoo in routing will be marked as a lost On the form there will be a button called "MANUAL ROUTE".

Route Message Wizard

User have to select the model and based on selected model record will be shown and activate the record to attached the message.

Attached Messages in Proper Document

User can view the attached message in proper document.

Vrajesh Soni May 24, 2024
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