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Alternative Products Management Odoo App improves product management by supporting users in handling situations where quantities are unavailable. This odoo app enables the display of alternative products when the specified item is out of stock. Users can seamlessly choose substitute products for specific items through the form view. Additionally, users to view and manage product stocks across various locations, ensuring efficient stock tracking. In sales quotations and orders, users can replace unavailable items with suitable alternatives, growing flexibility and optimizing the sales process.


1) Alternative Products Manage Access Rights

User can configure or enable alternative products manage checkbox from user configuration.

2) Set Alternative Product

User can set alternative products in product form view.

3) Replace Product with an Alternative Product

User can replace product with an alternative product in sales quotation/order.

4) Show Product Stocks

User can view product stocks with different locations.

Alternative Products Manage Access Rights

Under user configuration, Enable 'Alternative Products Manage' checkbox.

Add Alternative Products

In product form under 'Alternative Products' tab, User can add alternative products for that specific product.

Sales Quotation

In sales quotation select product where there is no quantity available, Click on '+' sign to select alternative product.

Stock Low Popup

When product stock is low for selected product and want to set alternative product click on 'CHANGE' button in stock low popup.

Alternative Products Wizard

User can view alternative products of selected product and click on 'VIEW STOCKS' button to check the product stocks.

Stock Views

User can view the product stocks with different location.

User can replace product by clicking on 'REPLACE' button.

Alternative Product in Sales Quotation

User can see alternative product should be added in sales quotation.

Alternative Product in Delivery Order

Vrajesh Soni May 13, 2024
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