Multi Branch for Account Budget(Enterprise Edition)

This module only works with enterprise edition and it is used to manage budget for multiple branch of single company, User can add branch on budget and select budgetary positions and analytic account with same branch and pass this to budget entries and analysis for mulple operating unit of single company.

Do you have multiple unit for single company? Do you want them to works as separate entity inside the company? Here you go, This multiple branch management Odoo apps helps users to make different branches for single company with multi branch concept which works same as multi-company environment.
Also Don't worry about the access rights too, We have added branch user/manager roles inside the Odoo module, Branch user can only access records of its specific branch and Branch manager can see records of all Branches.
Branch functionality added to Sale Order, Purchase Order, Invoice/Billing, Accounting, Warehouse, Products and Point Of Sale etc.


1) Multi Branch for Single Company

Create multiple branch for single company and use as multi company feature.

2) Complete Budget Branch Workflow

Set branch for budget, budgetary position, and analytic account and pass to budget entries and analysis.

3) Branch on Budget

Set budget for specific branch for single company.

4) Branch on Budgets Entries & Analysis

Added branch on budget also pass to budget entries and analysis.

Branch Access Rights

User have to give branch access as User or Manage, User must have "Multi Branches" access to use multi branch.

Create Multiple Branch

Branch Manager can create multiple branch under Settings > Users & Companies > Branch menu, Branch manager also can set branch details like address, phone, company.

Multi Branch Feature

Users with "Multi Branches" access rights can see and change multiple branch from header.

Branch On Analytic Account

User can see selected branch on analytic account list view.

Branch on Budgetary Positions

User can see branch on budgetary positions list view.

Branch on Budgets

User can manage multiple budget for multiple branch, user can see added branch on budget on list view.

Branch on Budgets Entries

Clicking "Entries" button on budget line user can see added branch on budget also appear on budget entries.

Branch on Budgets Analysis

On budget analysis user can see branch on list and form view.

Vrajesh Soni May 14, 2024
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