Odoo POS Customer Pricelist

This odoo apps is used to apply Pricelist on Particular Customer in POS-Point of sales. After installing this Odoo module user have option to apply pricelist on each customer and that pricelist will apply on pos order when select customer on point of sale screen.


1) User Configuration

User can configure sale pricelist and pricelist items then apply to customer.

2) Display Applied Pricelist on POS

Display applied Pricelist on POS screen according to particular customer.

3) Create and Configure Pricelist for Particular Customer

Create and configure pricelist for particular customer using pos back-end.

4) Print POS Payment Receipt with Applied Pricelist

User can print pos payment receipt with apply customer pricelist.

5) Applied Customer Pricelist in Back-end

User can see applied customer pricelist details in back-end POS order.

6) POS Order Details with Customer Pricelist

User can see POS order details with applied customer pricelist.

Assign Customer Pricelist

You can assign customers pricelist which is used in POS order.

Configure customer pricelist.

Default Pricelist POS View

In POS Screen,When no customer is selected then you can see default price of the product.

Customer Pricelist for All Products on POS View

You can see selected customer's pricelist and you can make order.

POS payment receipt.

Applied Customer Pricelist in pos back-end.

Order details in pos back-end.

Vrajesh Soni June 6, 2024
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