Product Kit Bundle

Product Kit Pack Bundle odoo app helps users to create a kit product with combined multiples of combo products. Users can use existing products as a kit, add sub products with quantity and price. Calculate price from kit sub products or enter fixed price, sell kit products only and create and deliver kit sub products. Stock for kit sub products will be managed accordingly, customer invoice will be created for the kit product. Kit with sub products and quantity will also printed on sales order and customer invoice.


1) Create and Sell Product as Kit

user have option to create and sell product as a kit products.

2) Product Kit Sub Products

Add sub products with quantity and price for kit.

3) Manage Kit Sub Products Stock

User can manage stock for added sub products to kit product.

4) Return All Kit Product Only

Return all kit product only can not deliver partial kit product.

5) Product Kit with Sub Products on Reports

User can see kit products and sub products on sales order report, delivery order report, and customer invoice report.

6) Sell Kit Product on Website

User can also sell kit product from website.

Create Product Kit

User can create product kit under Sales > Products > Products menu or use any product as kit. Products with "Use as Kit" option can be used as kit products.

User can set "Sales Price" for kit product, User have option to calculate sale price of product from added sub products, If "Calculate Kit Price" option enable then product price will be calculated from added product kit.

User can also see "Product Kit" tab, here user can add products as per need for kit.

Product Kit Filter

User can see and filter product by using "Is Product Kit" filter.

Product Kit on Sales Order

User can create sale order with kit product and sell kit products as normal products with all added sub product to kit product.

Product Kit on Sale Order Report

User can print sale order report with kit product and see there is a main kit product along with all added product to kit.

Delivery Order with Kit Sub Products

User can see created delivery order for sales order with only kit sub product instead of kit product.

Product Kit on Customer Invoice

User can see created customer invoice with kit product only.

Customer Invoice with Kit & Kit Sub Products

User can see printed customer invoice report with kit product and sub products of kit products.

Product Kit on Sales Reporting

On sale analysis report user can see "Product Kit" options and view.

Product Kit on Website

On website shop products page user can see kit product, also sell kit product.

Vrajesh Soni May 21, 2024
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