Purchase Bonus Quantity

Bonus Quantity for Purchase Odoo app is a robust solution created for handling bonus quantity offers within the purchase order workflow. This Odoo app empowers users to seamlessly incorporate bonus quantities for individual products into their purchase orders. For instance, the bonus quantity pricing does not impact the overall purchase total. However, users can receive the total quantity in the receipt while also gaining visibility into the bonus quantity details on the vendor bill.


1) Purchase Order Bonus Qty

User can add bonus quantities in purchase order.

2) Receive Bonus & Demanded Qty

User can receive bonus quantity with demanded quantity.

3) Bonus Quantity on Vendor Bill

User can see bonus quantity in vendor bill.

4) Bonus Qty will not Affect Purchase Total

Bonus quantity price will not add to purchase total.

Purchase Order Bonus Quantity

User can add "Bonus Quantity" in the purchase order and can see "Total Quantity", the price for bonus quantity will not add to total amount.

Receive Bonus & Demanded Quantity

User can see purchase receipt will be created for both bonus and demanded quantities.

Bonus Quantity on Vendor Bill

User can also see bonus quantity on vendor bills.

Vrajesh Soni June 4, 2024
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