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Recurring Activity Odoo App helps users to create activities automatically on a particular time set by the user in a repeated manner. Users need to set time like every or after one or after two etc. day, particular day of the week, particular day or date of the month, and particular date of the year.


1) Automated Activity Creation

User can set predefined time to create activities and activities get created on that time/date no need to do it manually.

2) Flexible Time Frame Settings

User can set time frames as per required to create activity repeatedly like after days, weeks, month, year.

Manage Recurrent Activities

Create,edit and manage your recurrent activities by clicking on Recurrent Activities button

Create Recurrent Activities Rule

Create recurrent activities rule according to your requirement.

Repeat After Day(s)

Repeat an activity after a day or days.

Repeat After Week(s)

Repeat an activity after a week or weeks on particular day or days of that week.

Repeat After Month(s)

Repeat an activity after month or months on first day of that month.

Security For Recurrent Activities Rules

Apply security for recurrent activities rules to show all rule to user.

Vrajesh Soni May 6, 2024
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