Single invoice from Multiple Delivery/Shipment(Picking) in Odoo

Want to generate customer invoice from many Pickings/shipment/Delivery Order? Want to generate Single invoice from multiple delivery order or multiple shipments?, If yes then you are looking on correct Odoo apps/plugin.

This Odoo apps add feature to generate invoice from the delivery order or incoming shipment. Also most important thing is it will allows you to make only single invoice for multiple pickings whether its incoming shipment or delivery order , you can make single invoice out of them and its pretty easy steps. Just select multiple orders and go on action menu and click create invoice option and you are done.


1) Helps you to Make Invoice from Picking.

This plugins helps you to make invoice from picking whether its incoming shipment or delivery order it works for both.

2) Create Single Invoice from Multiple Incoming Shipments and Delivery Orders.

This plugins helps you to create single invoice from multiple incoming shipments and multiple Delivery Orders too.

Select multiple picking to generate single invoice as shown below.

Give permission to create single invoice from wizard.

Invoice for multiple picking will get generated.

Selection of picking with different state to generate invoice will show warning.

Warning on selecting picking with different states.

Vrajesh Soni April 30, 2024
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