Website Product Brand in Odoo

Using this Odoo apps you can filter Product Based on different category Brands from the Odoo website as well as on Odoo Backend, After installing this Odoo module you can add new product brand and assign this product brand to each products and easily filters and view product by its brand categories from the Odoo webshop as well as on Odoo Backend.


1) Create Brand

Create Product Brand for different Products

2) Filter Product

Filter Product Based on Brands in back-end and also on website.

3) Search

Search Brands and products in the brands on Website

4) Change Brand

Products are Easily Moveable between different Brands with Drag & Drops

Create Brand From All Brands Menu

You can see the different brand for selection from their you can filter products based on brand.

Product Brand name is also display in product in website.

You can also search product by their brand name.

Vrajesh Soni May 2, 2024
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