All in one Product Bundle Pack(Sale/POS/Website/Purchase) in Odoo

This All in one Product Bundle Pack Odoo Apps is offering several products for sale as one combined product for Sales order, POS-Point Of Sales and website. Which you can able to sell product as combo product kit easily from sales order, ecommerce website order, POS-Point of sale Screen and able to deliver all products pack of kit in delivery orders. This Odoo apps also helps to purchase product bundle from the purchase orders easily.
It is a common feature in many imperfectly competitive product markets where price plays important roles.
Using these odoo module you can act set competitive price for same or different products and variants to increase your sales graph.


1) Configure Product Pack and Category.

Variable products to bundles and enable only specific variations, if needed. also user can configure product pack for view on website and POS screen.

2) Create Multiple Product Pack and Categories.

User Can add product and variants in bundle, also add multiple products in product pack. Bundle have a multiple instances of the same product.

3) See Various Product Pack With Categories.

User can see various product pack with categories on website and POS screen.

4) Product Pack Price Set Manually or Apply Calculation by Pack Price.

User can set product pack price manually also get product pack price by default calculation from Back-end

5) User Can Filter & View Product Pack in Kanban View.

User see can product details in product bundle pack. also Product Bundle Filter in product kanban view.

6) POS Payment Receipt.

You can print the POS Payment Receipt with the Product bundle pack.

7) Add Direct Discount on Product Pack.

You can check stock on product pack. You can add direct discount on product pack.

8) POS Order & Website Order with Product Pack in Back-end.

User can see POS Order and website order details with Products Packs.

9) See Picking Details in Backend.

User can see picking details about product pack in Backend.

10) Up-Selling Performance by Offering Kit Versions.

Boost your up-selling performance by offering kit versions of popular products paired with one or more related items.

Product Bundle Pack Menu

User can create and view product bundle pack from Sales > Products > Product Pack menu.

Product Bundle Pack Price

User can add price for product bundle pack, User can also calculate product bundle price from bundle items by enabling "Calculate Pack Price" option. If user enable this option the total price of all added item to pack will set as pack price.

User can add multiple product items to product bundle pack.

Filter Product Packs

Now you can see pack is created, Filter by Products pack, you can multiple packs with multiple pricelist.

Product Pack on Website View

View of the bundle products in the main website page.

Product Bundle Pack in POS

In Point Of sale,You can see all created POS Product Pack.

Vrajesh Soni May 3, 2024
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