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With this integration of PayU Latam Payment method, Website users can complete sale order by making payment with PayU Latam. You just need to enable it from back-end to be published on Website. So it can be visible on payment page. It will redirect user to PayU Latam page along with order details.


1) Payment Acquirers

User can see payment acquirers in the back-end for PayU Latam Payment method.

2) PayU Latam Payment method

User are allowed to pay through PayU Latam.

3) Prints report

User are allowed to print report after sale order confirmation.

4) Payment Transaction

User are allowed to see payment transaction with PayU Latam details with it.

Payment Acquirer

After installation of this module, we need to configure PayU latam credentials first. So inside Payment Acquirers, open PayULatam where you can find credentials tab. Provide Merchant ID, Account ID and API Key and you are good to go. One more thing to keep in mind, Do not forget to enable it to publish on Website if you see Unpublished on Website.

Select Method

While completing order on Website, on making payment you will be able to see PayULatam as Payment method. Select it and hit Pay now.

User will need to provide its card credentials to make payment.

For sandbox testing, you can use following credentials:

Card # : 4111111111111111

Card Exp Date : 08/2026

CVV # : 123



Rest of the details can be of your choice.

Confirmation from PayU Latam

You will be able to see payment confirmation message once you complete payment on PayU Latam payment portal.


On clicking Print button, A report will be generated of particular order completion.

Vrajesh Soni May 3, 2024
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