Auto Create Timesheet from Attendance

Auto Timesheet creation from Attendance odoo app helps users to automatically generate and submit timesheets from attendance. You can enter the default timesheet description, select the default project and default task for timesheet from the employee record and based on this timesheet entry will be automatically created when attendance entry has been done for employees.


1) Auto Generate Timesheet from Attendance.

Automatically timesheet will generated from employee attendance.

2) Auto Timesheet Submission.

Timesheet will automatically submitted at end of timesheet period.

3) Timesheet Configuration.

User can configure project, task, and timesheet description for employee.

4) Warnings.

Warning will raise if employee check in again after timesheet generation.

Timesheets Configuration

Under Timesheets > Configuration > Settings menu user have to configure project and task for auto timesheet generation, Based on this project and task timesheet will generated.

Employee Configuration

User have to enable "Enable Auto TimeSheet" and "Auto Timesheet Submission" for auto timesheet generation from attendance user can also set project, task and description for particular employee.

Scheduled Action

User can see "Generate Timesheet Based on Attendance and Auto Timesheet Submission" scheduled action feature to generate auto timesheet from attendance.

Employee Attendance

User can see created employee attendance.

Auto Generated and Submitted Timesheet

User can see auto generated and submitted timesheet from employee attendance with project, task and timesheet description as per configuration.


After generate auto timesheet if user tries to check in again for same days warning will generated.

Vrajesh Soni May 7, 2024
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