Mass Sales Double Approval and Validation

By default odoo provides double validation only on Purchase Orders, if you want to follow same procedure in Sales Order you can achieve through this Odoo apps. This Odoo apps helps you to add two-step approval process for Quotation and Sales order in Odoo.This Odoo module add two setup validation process and double validation approval process for Quote-Sales Order.After installing this odoo module you can set Double validation approval limit amount , when quotation amount will cross this limit approve all those sales order-Quotation will send for double approval process.This odoo app helps user to approve multiple sale order an once, user can approve all sales order with single click and generate delivery for waiting approval sale orders.


1) Sales Approval in Sale.

It allows user to give double validation on Sales Order.

2) Double Validation in Configuration.

This app helps you to configure amount for double validation.

3) Mass Approve Sales Orders.

User can approve multiple sales orders at once.

4) Generate Delivery after Approve Sales.

Sales order delivery only generated after approve sales orders.

Sale Approval Configuration

Under Sales > Configuration menu user have to enable "SO Approval" and enter sale order amount, if sale order total above then amount it need to approve.

Sales Quotation

User can see created sales quotations with greater amount then configured amount.

Mass Approve Sales Orders

Under Sales > Orders > To Be Approve Sale Order menu user can see sales order to approve.

On confirmed sales order user can see sale order on "To Approve" state,

User can select multiple sales orders that he/she wans to approve, and under "Action" menu user can see "Mass Sale Approve" menu.

On clicking "Mass Sale Approve" button user can see sales order moved to "Sale Order" state from "To Approve" state, also delivery order is generated.

Vrajesh Soni May 8, 2024
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