Merge Purchase Order Attachment

Merge PDF Attachments for Purchase Odoo App helps you to the process of merging attachments with PDF reports. Users can easily activate or disable the merge purchase order PDF reports option and selectively choose PDF files for merging into the report. This Odoo app functionality enhances the customization of request for quotation/purchase order forms by allowing users to include specific attachments in the generated PDF reports. Purchase Attachments Merge App facilitates the addition and selection of attachments directly in the request for quotation/purchase order form view, ensuring a seamless and efficient merging process. Ultimately, this app offers a convenient solution for users seeking to enhance the presentation and documentation of purchase orders in PDF format.


1) Enable/Disable Merge Purchase Order PDF Reports

User can easily enable or disable merge purchase order PDF reports from purchase configuration.

2) Select PDF Reports to Merge Attachment

User have to select those PDF report which they want to merge attachment.

3) Attach the Multiple Attachment with Reports

User can attach the multiple attachment files with PDF reports.

4) Merge Attachment with RFQ/Purchase Order Reports

User can easily merge attachment with request for quotation/purchase order reports in PDF format.

Merge Purchase Order Attachments Configuration

Goto Purchase -> Configuration -> Settings in that enable "Merge Purchase Order PDF Reports" option then select those reports which user wants to merge attachment in report and print it.

Attach the Files

User have to attach the files which they wants to merge in reports.

Added the Attachment Files

User have to added the attachment files which they want to merge in PDF reports.

Print Purchase Order Report

Printed PDF Report with Merged Attachment

User can see printed purchase order report with merged selected attachment files in PDF format.

Vrajesh Soni May 24, 2024
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