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Guest Management System Odoo App provides a complete solution to handle visitor details and enhance security measures. Users can manage visitor information, including the purpose of the meeting, meeting participants, visitor contact details, visit type, and check-in/check-out details. This Odoo app facilitates tracking visitor data, ensuring an organized approach to visitor management. Additionally, it contributes to heightened security by allowing the issuance of passes, which can be conveniently sent via email or printed for easy accessibility.


1) Visitor Access Rights

You have provide visitor access rights as User or Manager.

2) Manage Visitor Category and Type

Manager can create or manage multiple visitor category and visitor type.

3) Email Notification of Visitor Pass

Visitor will get the email notification of visitor pass.

4) Print Visitor Pass in PDF Format

Manager/User can print visitor pass in PDF format.

Visitor Access Rights

You can provide visitor access as 'User' or 'Manager'.

Manage Visitor Category

Goto Visitor Management -> Configuration -> Visitor Category menu in that manager can create multiple visitor categories.

Manage Visitor Type

Manager can create multiple visitor types.

Visitor Details in Tree View

Goto Visitor Management -> Visitor -> Visitor Details menu in that manager/user can see the details of visitor in tree view.

Visitor Details in Form View

Manager can create visitor with visitor details, check in/out details, visit details, contact details and purpose of visit.

Email Visitor Pass Menu

Manager have 'Email Visitor Pass' option to send email to the visitor.

Email Notification for Visitor Pass

Visitor would be get the email notification of visitor pass and also download in PDF format.

Pass Details Menu

Manager/User have 'Pass Details' option to print the pass details in PDF format.

Visitor Pass in PDF Format

Vrajesh Soni June 6, 2024
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