Is Freelancer a Better Choice or Professional Odoo App Developers to Carry Implementation?

Looking for Odoo Implementation services and confused, who is the perfect fit? A Freelance odoo developer or a professional odoo development compnay with dedicated experienced odoo developer?

Read on to find the answer.

Odoo has developed outstanding ERP amongst other ERP programming accessible in the market today. Because of the way that it comprises different applications and modules for specific industry needs, for example, Trading business, Manufacturing, Services or any other industry. The other applications are paid that can be either bought or downloaded by paying a certain amount. The open-source Odoo ERP usage is expanding step by step as more organizations are implementing the functionalities and capacities that are accessible in the network or Odoo Enterprise version. 

Numerous businesses feel today that Odoo ERP Implementation is easy, which can be performed by a solitary consultant or a freelancer individual with technical python knowledge. In this blog, we are showing you – What are the disadvantages related to Implementing Odoo ERP through a freelancer. 

Who is an Odoo Freelancer and How do they work? 

A Freelancer Odoo developer is a solitary individual with some years of experience in Odoo usage, knowing about Odoo Technical and other programming knowledge. The experience of a freelancer odoo developer can differ between 2 to 5 years in Odoo implementations. The freelance developer works either on time and material premise or through project usage. They work through various online sites where the offers are made by various clients. 

While professional Odoo Development company hire more experienced developers and they work according to the client’s requirement and time. They also provide full privacy of the codes and functionality. 

Employing Odoo Freelancer v/s Odoo Developer Partners for your Project Development: 

Freelancer experience may shift from 2 years to 5 years in Odoo usage and improvement. (Experience with one year or less ought not to see themselves as Freelancer as at least 4 to a half year are required for a fresher to finish Python and Odoo Training. 

Consequently employing a one-year experience consultant is simply exercise in futility and cash.) 


A professional Odoo development company in India guarantees you with the nature of coding that fulfils Odoo Guidelines so that there are no bugs in future, regardless of whether you work with some other Vendor/accomplice/Odoo suppliers (Companies).

Odoo Official Partners while implementing any venture guarantee legitimate undertaking plans, courses of events, usage territory, customization and more.

Though Odoo Freelancer quality might be an issue as there are chances where a specialist freelancer is dealing with other ventures too with no legitimate group set up. 

Time Consumption 

In any case, if you are going with Freelancer, you may need to give your own opportunity to understand precisely what you require. Time utilization in correspondence, documentation, issues, goals and undertaking might be higher because of the absence of experience of the freelance consultant. Indeed, even your expense may increase as freelancers take a shot at a time and material premise. 

With Odoo companies’ developers, you don’t have to run behind each necessity as they comprise an experienced team and Technical group who have dealt with comparative sort of prerequisites which you may have for your business. 

It is a reality that with Freelancers you get cost adequacy as they charge cheap contrast with Odoo partners. However, the flexibility and future support provided by the Odoo Development company is what saves your time and money at the same time.

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Is Freelancer a Better Choice or Professional Odoo App Developers to Carry Implementation?
Yankit Gayakvad September 28, 2023
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