Let's see which changes done in Odoo V14 for POS and purchase module

1. Managing Order through POS window:

In odoo 13 we were not able to manage order through the POS windows as well not from outside but with the odoo 14 we can see where is the order reached like payment,invoice or another step for that we have to enable it through POS setting only,So first we will have a look from where we can enable the Manage Order button from setting.

After enabling the option in Pos Setting open the POS windows and Try to create a bill by adding some product in the pos and select the customer according to your convenience And after that when you have added some product. There would be three steps in managing order which would be popping up in the left side above the window of billing like Manage order by clicking on it you can view the order where it has reached easily.

Now after clicking on the order you will be able to see which order has reached which stage like the one where we have only selected the product and customer then in that window will show that the order is ongoing. Once we select the payment option in the POS window and after that we click on the order it will show the payment stage only.


The three stages are highlighted among which we have seen Ongoing and payment and once we have accepted the payment the manage order will show that it has reached the final stage that is receipt so this is a new feature in the POS which makes the business really smooth and hustle free

2. Product Configurator Feature:

In Odoo 14 from the POS window only we can configure which size or which color we have to select which was not possible in the previous version of odoo so that features has also to be enabled from the pos itself which can be done same as managing order which screenshot has been attached below.

Now after enabling the product configurator button you can just open the new session and choose the product in which you have enabled the product configuration and you will be able to see the window will pop up which will show all the possibilities of the product with size, shape, color etc.

So from now onwards you can easily configure your product according to customer need easily through the POS window itself. It is a very easy and time efficient way to add the different configurations of products.

3. Sending an Email to the customer of receipt :

In this fast moving life everybody wants their expenses to be directly sent to the email or mobile for their future record reference so now when you accept the payment directly the odoo has provided a smart button to send the customer the receipt of the product which he/she has purchased and there is no need to give the receipt offline also. So the smart button is shown below in the highlighted part.

In this you can see we have accepted the payment we have the option to send the email receipt with ease if the customer wants us to share the receipt online we can do it quite easily and there is no such thing to select on email after that only we can send the email so it's makes the flow quite smooth and quick.

Now if you want to migrate your previous odoo version to latest odoo version, or if you want any other app to developed which is not available in odoo we have lots different solution is available for the different industry and want in your module then Browseinfo would be ready to help you in developing particular requirement from your side and if you have any query in odoo 14 or any previous odoo version you can just reach us at sales@browseinfo.in

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Let's see which changes done in Odoo V14 for POS and purchase module
Rahul Pandya September 28, 2023
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