Technical Improvements/Changes in Odoo 13

Odoo 13 was released on 4th October 2019 and as with every previous version, there are plenty of major and minor improvements, and new features in this build to buttress and improve the UI and functionality for the users.

List of changes in odoo 13 are given below:

1. POS Modules

Technical Changes in POS modules in the odoo 13 are given below:

1.1) account.journal is replaced with pos.payment.method, so you have to use it instead of account journal for payments.

1.2) In pos order statement_ids replaced with payment_ids and the relation is with new object pos.payment.

1.3) Major changes in create_from_ui() and _process_order().

1.4) posTicket change as OrderReceipt widget.

1.5) stock_location_id remove from pos.config.

1.6) object removed for pos.

2. Website Modules

Technical Changes in Website modules in the odoo 13 are given below:

2.1) sale_get_order() is changed.

2.2) website.redirect model removed, now only use website.rewrite.

2.3) website_published, auto_confirm is removed from payment.acquirer.

2.3) Image field is replaced with image_128 in payment.acquirer.

3. Back-end Modules

Technical Changes in Back-end modules in the odoo 13 are given below:

3.1) @api.multi, @api.model_cr and removed.

3.2) view_type is removed.

3.3) args from cron xml is removed.

3.4) is_customer, is_vendor removed, in place of that use, context="{'res_partner_search_mode': 'customer'}" or context="{'res_partner_search_mode': 'supplier'}".

3.5) In act_window, src_model is replaced with binding_model.

3.6) residual_signed field is replaced with amount_residual_signed.

3.7) residual field is replaced with amount_residual.

3.8) date_invoice is replaced with invoice_date.

3.9) date_due is replaced with invoice_date_due.

3.10) account.move.line just link with invoice_line_ids its automatically create line_ids. number field is removed from invoice

3.11) number field is removed from invoice

Technical Improvements/Changes in Odoo 13
Yankit Gayakvad September 27, 2023
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