Helpdesk Ticket Timer with Timesheet

Helpdesk Ticket Timer Odoo App is used to add timer watch for helpdesk ticket with start stop and pause feature which is created to add a timer to each ticket also this timer record timesheet when timer is stopped. Helpdesk ticket timer can be started and ended by the owner of the ticket and based on that timesheet entry is automatically generated. When another timer is running and the user will start a new timer that time validation will be generated.


1) Timer in Every Helpdesk Ticket

User can start and pause the ticket timer as per the duration of the helpdesk ticket.

2) Easy to Start, Pause and Stop Timer

User can easily start, pause and stop ticket timer in helpdesk ticket.

3) Automatic Fill Timesheet based on Timer

User can automatically fill timesheet based on timer in helpdesk ticket.

4) Can't Start Two Timer at Once

User will get a validation if he/she will try to start two timer at once.

Helpdesk Tickets Timer

Each helpdesk tickets contain timer to keep record of the duration of the task.

Stop Ticket Timer

When you click stop button on timer then confirmation and timesheet wizard will be open.

Stop Ticket Timer Wizard

In confirmation wizard you can click on yes button with add timesheet line description so timer will be stop and timesheet line will be added in task timesheet.

You can see timesheet line description is added in helpdesk ticket task timesheet with there duration.

Start Ticket Timer Wizard

When another ticket timer is already running that time start ticket timer will be open for pause that timer.

Start current ticket timer after pause another ticket timer.

Vrajesh Soni May 8, 2024
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