Customer Credit Management for POS and Website in Odoo

This Odoo apps allow credit payment facility in Odoo eCommerce/online store/webshop and POS. This Odoo module is complete features of customer credit management system which manages the credit balance, pay orders and bill using credit balance, add/update credit balance. Single credit amount balance use on point of sale as well as on Odoo Website/Webstore. Accounting entries managed properly Whenever credit balance use for payment or balance updated also when first time balance allocated.

If you want to manage customer credit payment management on Odoo then this will be the good Odoo app for use. By using this app you can easily add/update credit balance of your customer . This credit can be used as Payment, on time of pos order payment and eCommerce Order Payment with specific Journal. Customer credit balance can easily shown on each customer card and on POS screen as well as on Website screen. So don't need to go back and check each customer's credit balance. It has feature to pay partially or fully using credit balance and rest of the payment can also able to pay using other payment method(On Both POS and Website).Customer can also add credit balance in their account from the website and POS .Admin user can allow pay more than credit balance to their customers too.


1) Add/Update Credit Amount of Customer in Website and POS

Easy to Add/Update credit amount of each customer by using Credit details menu under sales.

2) Automatically Update Credit Amount

When Customer used credit amount. That credit limit of particular customer will be automatically updated

3) Allow to pay fully/partially amount payment

Customer can Pay fully or partially generated POS order by using his/her credit easily.

4) Multiple methods for payment to customer

Customer can pay order from multiple payment method together when using Credit payment option.

5) Customer can pay from Credit Payment Method

At the time of Payment, Customer can pay from Credit Payment Method as per their available credit balance.

6) User can pay more amount then his/her credit balance

Customer can pay more then his/her available credit balance.

7) Does not allow to pay more payment then the available credit amount

Customer can not pay more then his/her available credit amount from credit payment journal.

8) Journal entry with the credit payment option

Correct Journal entry has been generated with credit payment option as its generated with default Odoo POS. So no need to worry about accounting transaction effected by this module.

Website Customer Credit Payment

Credit Product Configuration

Users have to select credit product under Website > Configuration > Settings menu.

Credit Detail Menu

We have created Credit Details menu in Sales. From that we can add credit for customer.

Smart Button on customer

View Smart button in customer Form view which shows how much credit available for that customer.

Update Customer Credit History

Customer's credit history and customer credit with payment history will be display under "Customer Credit Details" tab.

Update Credit Payment with Accounting Entry

Credit Payment with Accounting Entry Wizard

When you click on "Update With Accounting Entry" button, one wizard will open in which you need to add credit amount and select payment journal.

Update Customer Credit Details With Accounting Entry

Credit entry details with accounting entry display under "Update Customer Credit With Payment History".

Credit On Website

Customer can view or add credit balance in their account from the website and that credit balance is also shown on website too.

Click on Add Credit Balance button to add credit from website.

Add Credit

After click on button customer can easily add credit balance from here.

In the back-end you can see the updated credit amount of customer.

Point Of Sale with Credit payment.

Credit Detail Menu

We have created Credit Details menu in Sales. From that we can add credit for customer.

POS - Customer View

In Point Of sale,see customer's credit details.

Deduct Credit Amount with Customer Credit Details

When customer has used its credit for purchasing product than it will be automatically deducted from his credit and it will be also affected at backend of Customer.


Vrajesh Soni May 3, 2024
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